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 Welcome to the website of KKOVC.

KKOVC stands for Kyosiga Kyokungura One Voice Campaign.

Kyosiga Kyokungura comes from Luganda language meaning “You reap what you sow”.

And One Voice means that one person can say something to a group of people and this word/these words can bring about a significant change in people's lives. And this voice can come from any corner of the world to the people who need it.

This NGO is a project dedicated to improve the welfare of the people of Uganda especially the local communities by providing skills in modern farming through free workshops and training. KKOVC is focused in providing sustainable farming skills.

KKOVC is a non-profit organisation that was founded by Adam Turyamureba in 2014.  

At the moment we have projects going on in several parts of the country such as Kebisoni in Rukungiri district, Kashambya in Kabale district and Bwongyera in Ntungamo district.

KKOVC is strategically located in Western Uganda where the market is still virgin and there is room for expansion to the neighbouring countries of Congo and Rwanda.


Our clients

The village retreat has been a successful way of bringing the local people together. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who do all they can especially the local council 1 chairmen and their teams to make these meetings a success.

KKOVC began with one group of 30 women but after people heard about what we were doing for the communities, we are overwhelmed with the response. Currently we have more than 500 members (youths and women) and everyday we are receiving more requests to join. This is a very big challenge for us because we don't have yet the capacity to support these people.

We are also now in the process of starting up a demonstration farm on which there will be poultry, goats, cows, fish ponds, crops, etc. On this farm people will receive free training in modern farming. We expect to employ more than 100 people on this farm. 


Impression for the KKOVC demonstration farm: More than 1.5 million people will benefit from this demonstration farm through training

 We are calling upon all well-wishers and friends of KKOVC all over the world especially in Europe and all parts of Africa to join hands with us to  foresee real time development in our communities.

We therefore kindly request any company, NGO,church, mosque, government agencies and individuals who can see value in what KKOVC is doing for the people to come and give a hand in helping these communities.

Donations can be given in form of finances, training/giving workshops, cows, goats, chicken, pigs, green houses, water pumps, seeds, farming tools, feeds, solar power, etc

Empowering women will help a lot in reducing violence in families. 

Empowering the youth will help eliminate poverty, unemployment, idleness and its side effects. 

At KKOVC we believe that to give man a fish is to feed him for a day but to teach  man how to fish is feeding him for a lifetime.






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