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Board of Directors

Innocent Tugume - Director/ Ag. Treasurer

Alex Bagambagye- Secretary

Kees Donker- Advisor


Vera van Berge- Advisor


Our Goals

 KKOVC aims at supporting grass root farmer groups to become income generating communities with the goal to create jobs for women and the youth.

Identifying women and youth groups that are into farming with the aim of educating these groups to practice modern farming and conservation of the environment. 

Organizing workshops that will teach women and the youth better farming skills.

Aid to construct and maintain poultry houses and fish ponds.

Treatment of animals using safe biological pesticides.

 Increase crop production and better quality crops.

Increase fertility and production of animals and poultry in turn increasing income and creating jobs for communities at the grass root levels.

In partnership with other stakeholders KKOVC aims at fighting and reducing lack of information about modern farming in communities and job insecurity.


 Our Policy:

KKOVC is driven by volunteers who do not receive any salary. Members of the board and other volunteers may receive compensation for their costs made but there is no stipulated salary or financial benefits. 


Our Vision


We encourage women and the youth to make groups of 10 to 30 people. We train these groups on how to increase their daily income to get out of poverty.

We provide each group 60 chicken as beginning capital because thats what we can afford at the moment due to our limited resources.

 After these chickens start laying eggs which takes only three to four months, women have to sell the eggs and bank the money on their account on a weekly basis.

 Because we calculated that if a group has 60 chicken, every day they have 2 trays of eggs which they can sell for 18.000 Ug.Shs. In a month, they earn 540.000 Ug.Shs. That means in a year one group will have earned 6,480,000 Ug.Shs. Meaning that if we have like 20 groups, in one year the money available (129,600,000 Ug.Shs) is enough to start up our own SACCO. This will help farmers to access cheaper loans to expand their farms.


 We also encourage these women and youth to borrow money from their account and start their own farming projects in order to have a daily income.

So far KKOVC efforts have helped in solving violence in families because women, the youths and men are all equally empowered. Women will not go begging their husbands for money to buy salt and other basic needs at home. This has been before one of the causes of violence in families.


According to our research that we carried out in our communities, all family violence and wrangles have been as a result of poverty.


KKOVC is trying its level best to see that this gospel of creation of daily income can reach in every family in Uganda as one of the ways to fight gender based violence in these families. Its always women and children who suffer most when there is violence in the families.


KKOVC is also trying to provide one solar panel of at least three lamps per family: one lamp for the dining room where the family gathers for dinner, the other one for helping children to read books and the last one  to be used as a security light.

KKOVC is committed in using green energy to achieve its goals. People in our communities are still using kerosene which causes Tuberclosis (TB) when inhaled for a long time.








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