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My name is Innocent Tugume. I was born and raised in the beautiful hills of Nyakatojo-Kashambya-Kabale-Uganda. By the virtue of the fact that my parents were farmers, I am therefore a farmer by birth. That’s where I get the passion for farming.



In 2014 I was approached by Adam with his brilliant idea about helping farmers back home and I took it without hesitation. The beauty in this idea was forming farmer groups and support them as organised entities (through free training, sensitization and supervising).

We target women and the youth because women are the backbone of our economies and the youths the future.

 Our local vulnerable people cannot afford training fees and this leads to only the rich attending training in modern farming thus getting wealthier materialistically and in knowledge. These trainings are also in the central region which makes it more unavoidable for the poor farmers.

Despite of the fact that I work full time at VBVB ICT as an IT Support Engineer, I still get dedicate some of my free time to make our project a success.

My call is for the government of Uganda, the relevant institutions, individuals and international organisations who share the same objectives with us to join us in this cause. Together we achieve more.




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