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As part of the general requirements for a non profit organisation with an ANBI status , below are the KKOVC documents:


Financial Report 2021


 Financial Report 2020


Financial Report 2019


 Financial Report 2018


 Financial Report 2017


Financial Report 2016 


Financial Expenses


Activity report Jan to April

 Activity report May to December

 Having an ANBI status means that donors are assured that their funds will be put to the intended use. 

Since KKOVC doesn't aim to make profits taxes are exempted as policy of the Dutch Tax Authority about organisations with an ANBI status. 

Our fiscal number/RSIN is 855491292.

KKOVC is driven by volunteers who do not receive any salary. Members of the board and other volunteers may receive compensation for their costs made but there is no stipulated salary or financial benefits.







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