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KKOVC works with youths and women. In rural Uganda the level of poverty and unemployment is very high.

There is a general lack of information about modern farming as a core for business in the Agricultural products.

Agriculture in Uganda is the backbone of the economy. It contributes about 37% of GDP and nearly all of the export earnings.

It's KKOVC's strategy to revitalize agriculture with emphasis on modern farming as a tool of reducing poverty, job insecurity, food insecurity and promoting national development.

Most of the workshops about modern farming have been taking place in urban areas yet about 82% of the population lives in the rural areas.

And these people cannot afford entry fees and transport to attend these workshops so they remain in the circle of poverty of which more than 20% of Ugandans belong(Source: UNDP Uganda 2010).  

That's why KKOVC has decided to bring these workshops deeper in the villages closer to the local person.

Most of the Agricultural economic activities in our rural areas are seasonal and this affects farmer's income and Agricultural output. KKOVC is dedicated to give workshops that help reduce this dependence on seasonal factors for agricultural output.

KKOVC is a platform where youth and women in rural Uganda are empowered through training workshops about modern farming and sustainable use of natural resources.

We use workshops as a platform for us to train youth and women on poultry management, modern farming entrepreneurship, financial management, agricultural business, value addition, and healthy programs.

Our approach is to mobilize women and youth in every village to come together, form groups and thereafter register these groups under the Ministry of Social and Gender development. These groups must also open up bank accounts in a renown commercial bank on which they save their income from the projects. 

KKOVC increases food security by providing farmers with seeds, chicken, goats, cows and pigs for rearing.

Each group is provided with 60 chicken, these lay eggs after a very short time . Usually in a 5 months time. Eggs are very marketable and even we cant satisfy the market.


In Uganda about 85% of the youth don't use banks at all in their life.

And this is one of the major problems which has contributed to poverty in our societies.

KKOVC has decided to teach young youth the banking system from childhood which will help them in  future.


We organise workshops about modern farming,then we tell them to make groups of people between 10 to 30, after we give them a capital of 60 chickens as starting capital.

After these chickens have started laying eggs which takes only five months, these people start banking their money which comes from their eggs on a weekly basis .

This money will help them to start their own jobs if they don't get a chance to reach University and in case someone reaches there but after their studies fail to get a job.

From this money they will be allowed to borrow some money on very low Interest rate, and start their own businesses, not waiting for government jobs.

In Uganda about 1,020,000 students enter secondary schools, and the number entering University is only about 20,000 including all institutions.

The number of students who graduate is only 50,000.


I think you can see the number of people who don't have a chance to reach at the university level.


Meaning that those people who don't have chance to reach university level, their chance of getting a government job is like 0% and for graduates their chances of all of them getting government jobs is very small.


This is an example of unemployment situation in Uganda: http://goo.gl/RP3IEH


So we call upon every one to come and join hands with KKOVC in reducing job insecurity among the youth.

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