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My name is Adam Turyamureba. I was born and raised in Kebisoni, Rukungiri District , Uganda. I was born in a humble peasant family where farming was part of our lifestyle. We depended on farming almost for everything.

Its through farming that my parents were able to raise school fees for me and providing food for us. For that matter, i love farming right from childhood and it has become part of my life.

At the moment I am a resident in the Netherlands where i stay with my beautiful family, my wife and four children. I am also the founder of the OBUMWE Association which brings western Ugandans living in the Netherlands together. Next to being the Chairman of this association, am also working with Prorest at the ABN Amro bank. 

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to KKOVC organisation whose vision is to bring about tangible differences in peoples lives.  

It is common that people have resources but they don't have the knowledge to get the maximum benefits out of these resources.

Even though these resources are limited, if people are informed of what and how they can benefit from these scarce resources it would make a very big difference.

I took myself as an example that due to the lack of information about modern farming I left my home in 2009 which was full of property such as indigenous cows,goats,hens,and fertile land.

And I went to someone's home to look after his modern cows and to be paid some small money.

Problems began after three cows died in the farm which were killed by un known people and the owner claimed that caretakers were responsible.

This problem led to the death of my two colleagues, after being beaten so severely by the owner of the farm. I survived by the grace of God and finally I found myself into exile.

But if I had an idea or information about modern farming, I would not have left my home which was full of wealth and go to look after some one's cows.

Instead I would have changed our indigenous cows into modern cows or used our fertile land which was going to pay me much money than I was working for in some one's farm.


This made me realise that ignorance or call it lack of information is very dangerous. It is one of the reasons that forced me to started this NGO to show people that if they use well what they have, they can avoid such incidences to happen to them.

 Because when I look back home in my community and the country at large,i see many people  going through or are about to go through what i went through.

Brothers and sisters if you  know the value of what you have you will realise that it is enough to make you what you want to be.


Our Partners

I will use an example of a chair which has four legs:

A chair has four legs for a reason. It is the only design that remains stable on uneven ground. the same is true of our work.

In Uganda and Africa at large many families have land but lack the means. the knowledge or motivation to make it productive.

Our programme provides struggling farmers with the skills and tools to turn things around-often against great odds,with the hope and the means to make it through.

The four legs signify the various partners that are willing to join hands with KKOVC in order to realise economic independence of African families.

Families are set to secure their own future from the available land.

We turn your donations into training to give new skills,confidence and hope as well as resources like poultry,seeds,tools and livestocks, etc.

From the beginning to the end, our team is here to support you and to insure your goals are achieved.

Millions of people are waiting for your help to chase away poverty and enjoy life of this world just like other people around the world.


Support KKOVC you will be having a significant impact on the lives of people in Africa.

Together we can make a difference.

For God and my country. 

Our Partners

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